SCORE Rochester SMART Program

· SMART stands for SCORE Management Assessment & Review Team.

· SMART offers free on-site team counseling to on-going, multi-functional business ventures.

· Each SCORE SMART team works with business venture management team to identify opportunities for improvement and to suggest changes required to achieve improvements.

· Business venture organizations must be receptive to making changes to respond to perceived concerns.

What exactly is SMART?

A team of experienced SCORE counselors works with your management team to identify your problems and concerns and then to assist you in dealing with the identified issues. Each team is created for a specific company and is expected to continue to counsel with that company for an extended period of time. Your team will include experienced counselors with expertise in the areas most relevant to your situation. When appropriate, your SCORE team will call on other SCORE counselors’ expertise.

SCORE members are volunteer counselors, not consultants. For example, the team can guide you through the process of developing a strategic plan; it will not recommend a particular direction for the plan. The SCORE team will not create your advertisements, but it will help you establish goals for your promotional activities before you engage a communications service or ad agency. The team will help you focus on the issues, develop alternatives, and consider courses of action. The team will probably generate expectations of actions for you to accomplish before each meeting. You and the SCORE team will agree upon the frequency of meetings.

What are your responsibilities as an SMART client?

·        To openly share information with the team, knowing that their commitment to confidentiality is the same as your lawyer or accountant.

·        To respond in a timely fashion to the commitments you make to generate information, assess alternatives, and implement your decision.

·        To develop your own solutions based on the assistance of the SCORE counselors.

·        To keep the SCORE SMART leader informed of any major changes in any aspect of your business.

What’s next?

If you believe a team of SCORE counselors could have a positive impact on your business, please call (585) 263-6473 for more information or complete the following form and mail it to:

SCORE Rochester, Chapter 23

100 State Street (Room 410)

Rochester, NY 14614

SMART Information Form

Business Name: ______________________________________________


Contact Name: _______________________________________________


Telephone: ___________________________________________________


Web Site: ____________________________________________________


Principal Product(s)/Services(s):                                             _              






1.      Are You Currently In Business?                                                             Y ______                     N ______     

If Not, When Do You Plan To Start?                                             _

2.      Do You Have A Business Plan?                                                              Y  ______                    N ______     

3.      Do You Have An Annual Operating Plan?                                                Y  ______                     N ______     

4.      Is Your Business Profitable?                                                                  Y  ______                     N ______     

5.      Do You Have A Favorable Cost Trend?                                                  Y  ______                      N ______     

6.      Is Your Business Growing 10 Percent Or More Per Year?                        Y ______                       N ______     

7.      Have You Been Successful Developing New Products Or Services?           Y ______                      N ______     

8.      Do You Have Performance Measures?                                                    Y ______                       N ______     

9.      Do You Have A Management Succession Plan?                                        Y  ______                     N ______     

10.  Are You Ready To Make Tough Choices?                                                  Y  ______                     N ______     


What Kind Of Help Do You Believe You Need?____________________     

                                            _                                         ______   _

                                            _                                            _______


Other Comments:

                                            _                                            _______

                                            _                                            _______





Signature: ______________________  Title:                             


Date: _____________


For more information call SCORE at (585) 263-6473
SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit volunteer organization, sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration.